Bring to the Table (strains)


AC/DC high cbd

One of the Ultimate high CBD strains out there. We have been working with this strain exclusivley for four years and we have our ring on it. She smells of blue satin perfume and ages into a nose biting skunk. 20:1 CBD to THC ratios are the normal for this strain. She is a very light feeder. Higher on the pH is also recomended.

           Growing traits:

          Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks

          Genealogy: Mk Ultra x G13

          Yield: Medium

          Potentcy: 17.73% CBD /  .83% THC


Dr. Grinspoon herloom sativa

Dr. Grinspoon

Brought to you by Barney's Farm in Amsterdam this tribute sativa appeals to any pleasure grower. Unique foxtailing along with a mango and sumac aroma so soft it just could be "pot-pourri"!

Growing Traits:

Flowering time: 11-12 weeks

Genealogy: herloom sativa

Yield: medium

Height: outdoors/giant - indoors/tall

Potency: >27% THC

East Coast Sour Diesel

East Coast Sour Diesel

This version of Sour Diesel came from the mystical Lake County, California. She streatches, and streatches and streatches right before exploding into some of the most flavorfull and distinct nuggets Northern California can produce! Super sour to the nose and a variety of Sour Diesel that can get rock hard. Deep Garlic and Citrus aromas!

Feed her hard and feed her often! She rewards your generosity for sessions to come! 2100-2500 ppms

Growing Traits:

  Flowering time:10 weeks +

  Genealogy: East Coast Sour Diesel

   Yield: Heavy

   Height: Indoors/Tall   Outdoor/Massive

   Potentcy: tbd




Deep Chunk

DEEP CHUNK (Landrace Indica)

"This pure indica from Afghanistan was introduced to Northern California by breeder Tom Hill in the late 1970s. Deep Chunk combines a relatively short flowering time with exceptional resin production. It is often found with hints of purple or deep reds in the tight, compact flowers. The aroma of this stout, broad-leafed plant is regularly described with flavors of earth, hash, chocolate, and pine. Classified by many as "old school," Deep Chunk is sure to induce feelings of nostalgia that coincide with its ability to relieve ailments such as insomnia, digestive issues, and chronic pain." courtsey

She is compact with ultra tight node spacing. Slow on the veg but explodes with dense purple flowers with dark purple to black leaves rolled in sugar. Feed her hard and feed her often. Weight packs on early and just swells with massive coatings of trichomes. This one is a stinky skunky  phenotype.

        Growing traits:

       Flowering time: 7-8 weeks

       Genealogy:100% Indica Landrace     Afghanistan

       Yield:  Medium


White Cherry Soda


Black Cherry Soda x Hashplant

A gift from a true friend. He lost his beloved Black Cherry Soda and only had some seeds he made to remember his lost love. So what did the fabled Hashplant bring to the table? Some white and light green super frosted mini christmas trees on a stick! The smells are of White Cherry Juice and with a white coating of trichomes to boot. She fills in great and just keeps packing it on all the way through flush. For sure to stand out in your room!

Growing Traits:

Flower Time: 9 weeks

Geneology: Black Cherry Soda x Hashplant

Yield: medium/large



Well, her is one unique and crave worthy hybrid with weight, compactness, strength, and a good 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Good morning medicine. Tangy orange tones with light skunk and earth. Great for outdoors!!